The Phoenix Locksmith Institute



Locksmith Diploma Course - 60 Hours - REVISED FOR 2016!

In the Locksmith Diploma course, students attend lessons Monday - Friday each week, from 8am to 12pm for a total of 60 hours (3 weeks) and will be entry level locksmiths upon completion.

This is an extremely in depth, hands on class that addresses the most common business, automotive and residential locksmith requests.

Topics in this class include but are not limited to Key identification, Wafer locks, Pin locks, Side bar locks, Key codes, Safe servicing, Dismantling lock cylinders, Making keys by impression, Masterkeying, Lock Installation and repair, Emergency entry, Problems and cures, fitting locks to keys and keys to locks. Desk locks, Introduction to automotive lock systems, and much more.

This class prepares a student to handle full service residential, commercial and industrial locking systems up to and including ANSI grade 1 locks used when servicing churchs, apartment / town house complexes, office buildings and industrial complexes.

Graduates are prepared to open their own business or go to work for another locksmith company as an entry-level locksmith or a sub contractor and will earn a Locksmith Diploma.

Tuition for this class is $2,500 and includes 1 year of free Tech Support.


Due to teaching obligations with commercial clients, The Phoenix Locksmith Institute is not currently accepting new students.  We appologize for the inconvenience.